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To provide a catalogue of every professional photographer in Canada with portfolios suitable to be viewed by all ages.

Mission Statement

Connecting clients and photographers, it is our mission to witness more and more talented individuals making a living wage, and prospering, from their art, accented with the delivering of quality customer care.

Our photographers
Carlos Bezz
Christopher Bacchus
Katarina Kuruc
Manuela Stefan
Miguel Hortiguela
Ramón Vasconcelos
Vikram Ahuja
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From our founder

Business plan resting on table at the front of a large college lecture hall. Photo by Anissa Lowe

"While creating the business plan can be a significant part of the entrepreneur’s actions, and the experience of building the first business plan for AYSA (while completing a postgraduate business certificate at George Brown College) was like nothing I had ever done before, AYSA is more than all things business – it’s personal.

I love photography and I love what photographers can do. They inspire me to want to help boost their success beyond what they can achieve on their own. Their success equates to quality photography being received well, which brings me joy; and so, I remain motivated to keep working to enhance this little thing I call AYSA."

— Anissa Lowe

Entrepreneur / Hobbyist Photographer

[AYSA. We like to pronounce it 'A'-sa.]

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