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Photo: Anissa Lowe

February 2021
Richi from Humber College

Destination ‘I Do!’

Weddings have always been the greatest occasion in our lives. A day where we gather with our family and friends and celebrate the union of a perfect couple in a perfect moment.  As it is a once-in-a-lifetime event, when it’s safe to do so, why not make it special by celebrating it at a destination you always wanted to visit. Ever imagined getting married on the beach in Hawaii? Or In the valleys of South Africa’s wine country? Or maybe even at the infamous sight of Cappadocia’s scenery being dotted with hot air balloons? The idea of getting married in paradise is in itself a good enough reason to have a destination wedding, a wedding that is a perfect combination of elegance and adventure.

Photos and videos have always been a wedding’s best friend, so planning on your wedding photographs can never be too early. Don’t we all want to capture the essence of the moment of our THE day, so that we can look back and relive it? Who would want to miss that anxious expression on the groom’s face, waiting for his beautiful bride to walk down the aisle, or that feeling of excitement mixed with anxiousness of that first look that the couple share? Wouldn’t it be a ‘cherry on top’ to capture these beautiful moments and make memories of a lifetime?

Now if you are convinced that you want to have a destination wedding, there comes a question if you would want to hire a local photographer or fly one with you. If you plan to fly a photographer with you, be prepared to bear the expenses of their flights, stay, a few of the meals and transportation, in addition to their fees, because, as glamorous as it may seem, it requires a LOT of extra work. They stay out of office for multiple days, away from family, and haul tens of thousands of dollars of gear in bag through the airport; they sometimes even have to apply for a work visa and shoot at a place they are unfamiliar with.

The decision of whether to fly your favourite photographer with you or to hire a local one depends on various factors including cost, flexibility, comfort, need, etc. What is right for one couple may not work for another. If you have a low budget and you cannot afford to pay for the stay and transportation for the photographer, then a local professional is the right choice. If flexibility is more important than money, then having a photographer you can meet anytime is going to be the best choice and you might want to take one with you.

It is a globally accepted fact that wedding planning is stressful. Whether you want to have a wedding that you always dreamed of, with large, over-the-top ‘I dos’, or your intimate affair that has spiraled into something far more complicated, it is easy to let the preparations weigh heavy on you. Luckily for you, AYSA wants to take off the burden of finding your perfect photographer. Since photography is all about capturing the special events of our lives, we want to give you an opportunity to connect with our talented photographers who will help you capture your ‘forever moment’.

Though 2020 was a difficult year, it never stopped many couples from having the most beautiful moments of their lives. With high hopes for the year 2021, we wish you have the wedding of your dreams at an enchanting destination to make it even more memorable.

Destination weddings are love stories incorporated with travel stories; make sure to capture every essence.


Our founder didn’t think she’d make it to her friend’s wedding in Jamaica, and so turned down the role as one of Heidi’s bridesmaids. But plans changed, and Anissa had the pleasure of being a guest, having the opportunity to capture this joy on the newlyweds’ faces, in addition to the stunning images their Toronto professional photographer came up with. Many adventures, including happy kids later, the love is still going strong! Have a great Valentine’s, Heidi and Jonas!


Photo & Art: Richi Rawat

January 2021
Richi from Humber College


Known amongst my family and friends for having an answer to every question, when it comes to describing myself, I just go blank. It’s even more difficult still being in the phase of discovering myself, and trying to figure out who I am and what I want to be. Is it just me? I hope not.

Hello to all! My name is Richi Rawat and I am a new intern at AYSA Canada for the Winter 2021 semester. I am an international student at Humber College pursuing a postgraduate diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Operations Management, with a professional background in Human Resources Management, events, as well as retail. I came to Canada in 2019 and have been in love with this country ever since. Though COVID-19 spoiled my first summer in Canada, I am hopeful that I will be able to enjoy Summer ’21 and have double the fun. Fingers crossed! (And masks on!)

My biggest strength is that I love pursuing my dreams; no matter how bizarre they may seem. It gives me a sense of purpose to lead a life where I am learning every day about different things that attract my interest; and that is why I am here in Toronto, exploring a new adventure. From being a science student to a student of hospitality and human resources, I find my passion in psychology which helps me relate to every subject that I study, whether it be marketing, organizational behaviour, retail, events, or any other. It amazes me how the human brain functions and how one can use the study of the human mind to enhance a business.

Being the adventurous soul that I am, I love to travel, try new things, and getting lost in my world of imagination where I express my emotions through art. If I must describe my life in one word, I will say it is ‘colourful’, as I love experimenting with colours through art and makeup, which has become my latest hobby. I love a blank canvas as it gives me an opportunity to create anything I want. And since I love experimenting with my artistic side, from sketching to painting, to DIY projects, I explore all forms of my creativity.

I consider myself to be lucky to have a life filled with amazing people and an extremely supportive family who have had my back since day one, and make my life even more colourful.

Last but not the least, I am grateful to be a part of the AYSA Canada family where I expect to learn and explore new opportunities and promise to deliver my best.

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