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October 2020
Sejal from George Brown College

The Photographer’s Perspective

 Photography holds a different meaning and importance to each individual. For some, it is a way to capture the world in a state that displays how they experience it, and, for others, photography is a mode of connecting with people by sharing their own story, visually. For me, photography is catching that one precious moment where every worry disappears and all that is left behind is a surreal feeling of being given the gift of existing in this beautiful universe. It is the opportunity of revisiting that special moment to relive it over and over again.

I have always been curious about the story behind each intricately detailed photograph and AYSA has helped me finally gain some perspective. We are so used to looking at the world in a certain way that whenever we get the chance to see it with a fresh perspective, it’s revitalizing. This new point of view comes in like a breath of fresh air and leaves us feeling excited to explore all the uncharted parts of this planet. That is exactly how I have been feeling since we’ve started our interview series with AYSA’s photographer members this week, as we prepare to add photographer bios to our website. The amount of passion and creativity that is reflected in each response has the ability to inspire a spark in the reader as well. As a new intern at AYSA, I feel honoured to be given a chance to connect with such amazing photographers and hear their side of the story. That is exactly what I want to share with you as well.

Katarina Kuruc has already provided her time for our interview and has graciously agreed to share the above beautiful photograph displaying her memories from when she and her husband were travelling and living in Asia.

The results continue to be impressive. Come back and visit our photographer members’ bios on our website to read the interviews and get to know these incredible individuals!

October 2020
Sejal from George Brown College

Sunnybrook Foundation:
A Great Cause

 Amidst the uncertainty within today's world, many things can still be done to make life a little better for others. One simple act of kindness has the power to inspire many more. Taking the opportunity to support a cause that you care about, to impact lives, can be such a beautiful thing, and a decision that can be made without regret. If it has ever crossed your mind that you are interested in supporting a charity, remember that there are layered benefits of donating or volunteering with a foundation: it can enhance your life, give you peace of mind, while adding to your happiness.

The Sunnybrook Foundation has been on the path to benefit our lives for the past twenty years. In the world of healthcare, this instrumental foundation tirelessly strives to raise finances that can be translated into care for Sunnybrook Hospital's patients, as well as a means to provide funds to Sunnybrook Research Institute for education and teaching programs. In 2018, the foundation was able to raise $18 million for Sunnybrook Hospital and $12 million for Sunnybrook Research Institute. In the same year, the research institute conducted $99 million worth of research, and employed 1,353 people. We want to see their contributions continually funded.

The Sunnybrook Foundation has been making the world a better place since it was founded, inspiring AYSA to join them in their journey by doing what we can to increase awareness and by tying fundraising into our business model. Currently, as you think ahead to when you will hire an AYSA photographer, your nominal prepayment will help benefit Sunnybrook Foundation. Together, we hope to do as much as possible to help Sunnybrook achieve their goals of improving their patients' quality of life, all while supporting our photographers who have been, like most, discouragingly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

 We are on a mission and one random act of kindness can create an endless ripple effect. Join us by purchasing your prepayment today!


Visit the following links to learn more about the Sunnybrook Foundation!

September 2020
Sejal from George Brown College

The Life of AYSA’s New Intern:
A Sneak Peek

I have always wondered about what people think of when it comes to first impressions. Then again, haven’t we all? It can be quite challenging to introduce yourself to people with the expectation that you know exactly who you are and where you stand in life. It feels like you’re breaking down the walls that we, as human beings, tend to build up subconsciously. Yet, here I am writing an introduction to myself as a new intern at AYSA, hoping to leave a great impression behind by the end of this post.

Hello! Thank you for stopping by to read our very first blog post. My name is Sejal and I am an international student from India, pursuing a Postgraduate Diploma in Sport & Event Marketing from George Brown College in Toronto. I have been given the opportunity to work at AYSA as a Digital Marketing Coordinator Intern this fall term. When I was younger, I thought I would be a chef once I grew up; that changed to archaeologist, which later veered towards finance, and then finally landed on marketing.

Many don’t realize that marketing is a vast industry, especially if you’re looking to work in it. I jumped around trying to gain experience and knowledge in different fields of this industry and discovered my passion for digital marketing and content. This discovery encouraged me to pursue higher education in Canada to advance further in my career after working for a small marketing agency back home in India as a junior consultant. It was definitely a tough decision to leave my family and travel thousands of miles for studies in a foreign country. It took a lot of effort in trying to convince my parents that this was a good idea and that spending those big dollars on my education would be fruitful in the long run.

It has been quite an experience (mostly great) living and working in Toronto as an international student. You go to school, attend your classes, get to know people, make new friends, learn as much as you can, go for your shift at your part time job (oftentimes completely non-reflective of your established work experience), come back home, clean, make your dinner, prep meals for the next day, talk to your family, and then go to sleep anticipating another day of similar routine. Yes, it’s definitely been an experience living in this city, however it’s an experience that most of us look forward to. It reminds you that you’re making progress in your life as well as in your career. Working at AYSA in such a creative and talented industry is a great opportunity for this novice. I can’t wait to contribute my optimum efforts and skills in the pursuit of achieving company goals.

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