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Collaboration comes with benefits for our website visitors, partners, and photographer members. We are able to add value with blog posts and newsletters created by our contributing interns, while providing engaged post-secondary students with work experience in the field of Marketing.

As we continue to expand our community, we hope that you find valuable content and inspiration in our resources.

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From our interns
by Richi
by Sejal
by Richi
by Sejal
Thank you, interns!
Richi Rawat [Winter 2021]


Humber College

256-hour commitment

Post-internship quote from Richi:

"Building a successful business requires determination, hard work and consistency, and all of that shows in AYSA’s work culture. I am grateful to have worked with a team where everyone’s opinion is heard and valued. Communicating, even in virtual environment, was never an issue. I would like to thank Anissa for giving me this opportunity. I have gained a lot by learning the value of hard work and diligence."

Sejal Mittal [Fall 2020]


George Brown College

360-hour commitment

Post-internship quote from Sejal:
"Creativity, determination, and respect are the core to the success of any business. These values are exactly what are inspired within you as you get the opportunity to work with AYSA and its team. I am grateful for everything Anissa has done for me and my career. Keep up the good work!"

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."
African Proverb

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