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Many thanks to our contest participants!

Gift card winners

Currently, the only way to get an AYSA gift card redeemable for photography services and art from our photographer members, is to win!
Congratulations to our winners!
$650 AYSA Gift Card - TBD

December 2020

$50 AYSA Gift Card
Manodatta D.

Thank you for participating in the Group & Groove event hosted by George Brown College students in support of the

Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation!

July 2020

$100 AYSA Gift Card
Marlene M.

Inspired by Henry's Camera on Facebook, when they gave away a $100 gift card, we announced a winner of a $100 AYSA gift card from one of the Henry's contest entrants. In appreciation of those serving the front lines during the COVID-19 pandemic, we can't thank them enough.

April 2020

$25 AYSA Gift Card
Dale C.

Thank you for participating in the fundraiser raffle in support of

The Music Project!

March 2020

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