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Your successful photography experience is a team effort and we would like to thank you with a token of appreciation.

In lieu of photographer discounts, be sure to submit to us, your paid AYSA photographer invoice, to receive a gift.

In the spirit of fundraising, include the receipt from your recent charity donation for a bonus.


When we receive the commission from your hired photographer, we'll donate $5 to one of our fundraiser partners, as selected by you.
Gift with Purchase of AYSA Photographer Member Services

10% off AYSA canvas art on Etsy  (or 15% off with proof of donation)

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$10 AYSA gift card (or $15 AYSA gift card with proof of donation)

Donation by AYSA

$5 each time we receive commission from our members

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Now that we are all working harder than ever to move forward in a pandemic-altered world, your business is appreciated more than ever, and we thank you for working with us.

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Thank you and stay well.
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Carlos Bezz
Christopher Bacchus
Katarina Kuruc
Manuela Stefan
Miguel Hortiguela
Ramón Vasconcelos
Vikram Ahuja
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