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Contributed by Dan's Mom

Get Out of Jail Free Card

From 2017

Sometimes our children can just amaze us.

On Friday, my son attended FanExpo in Toronto.

He was dressed up in his costume and got to meet his favorite artist Drew Struzan.

He posted a photo of himself and Drew, and did quite the write up on FB, spelling mistakes and all.


But before he did that...he stood in line for over 90 minutes, for his mother, to meet Richard Dreyfuss. 

Further, he paid for a signed autographed photo of Richard when he appeared in Close Encounters of the Third Kind.



Richard Dreyfuss is one of my favorite actors of all time. I was introduced to him in Goodbye Girl.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind is my all time favorite movie, I just fell in love with him.

That movie taught me that the universal language is music. The possibility of communicating through music should bring civilizations closer together, whether it be jazz, opera, country and western or rock and roll. It is a form of communication that can break down all kinds of barriers.


I was not allowed to see American Graffiti as my mother had been told it was a "dirty movie". On Christmas of 1999 she gave me this movie as a Christmas present and it was a big joke. It only furthered my initial love affair with Richard. son tells Richard Dreyfuss about how much his mother admires him and he signs the photo.


So...I was so dumbfounded, flabbergasted that my 20 year old son stood in line for over 90 minutes to meet an actor that he really didn't know...and shelled out 75 dollars for a photograph that was then autographed.


I told him...he has earned his "Get out of Jail Free Card"!

Yep...somewhere in the future he will do some faux pas...a huge screw up and his line to me will be "Richard Dreyfuss, autographed photo". I will then be forced to shut my mouth and have no reaction whatsoever as that will be his, you guessed it  "GOOJFC"!


Hope this made you smile! 

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