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“There were a number of occasions, before my birth, that could have meant my father's death.

He could easily have drowned...three times!

As a young man testing out the repairs he had just completed on his car, he ended up rolling over the car...with him in it! My mother could tell you about another scary driving incident because she was in the car with him for that one.

Back when working construction on the World Trade Center, he once dodged a gas explosion while picking up lunch with his brother at a local restaurant; and, another time, was saved by his boss, who, as they both ran to safety, knew exactly how to react when my father's vest caught fire. Fleeing from a life-threatening situation, my dad could have caught on fire!

There were a few tears on my part as I listened, however, hearing my father tell his stories is something I cherish. Not only that, I find it impressive that he probably has enough material for a Netflix mini series - and has lived to tell about it!”

— Anissa Lowe

More than ever, we've been reminded to cherish life. At AYSA, we want to celebrate memories by using our website to publish stories, as contributed by you. Accompanied by your own photos, we wish to spread warmth and inspiration during these unprecedented times, and so, happy stories are also absolutely welcome! [Not great at writing? We'll help!]

It's understood that being isolated during this pandemic has taken a toll. For Canadian seniors, we hope to increase human contact by offering our high school student volunteers who look forward to listening to life experiences that are meant to be shared. By telephone, volunteers are available to help put thoughts into writing, as well as remind our seniors how important they are to us.

We look forward to hearing from you. In the meantime, enjoy the heartfelt words submitted about Grandma Lan below.

Thank you and stay well!
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