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Vikram Ahuja

Interview with Vikram
“Photography for me is capturing the emotion and the vibe as against just a smiling face”


What does photography mean to you?

Photography for me is locking a moment for a lifetime which may never occur again. That could be a child's birth, proposing to the love of your life, or celebrating Christmas with family.

What inspires you?

Meeting someone for the very first time and bringing them to a comfort level wherein they can freely express themselves and their emotions over a photoshoot. It is never about a photographer's kit or equipment. It is about the photographer.

What made you realize that you had a passion for photography?

After purchasing my first camera I started with street photography and used to approach strangers for pictures. That is when I realized I had a passion for meeting people and working with them to document their lives.

How did you learn the art of photography?

Photography has been a journey of self-learning for me. Reading and watching different techniques and following tutorials from some of the well-established photographers.

How long have you been a photographer?

I have been practicing professionally for about two years now.

How has your journey as a photographer been ?

Very exciting. Going for a photoshoot continues to give me the feeling of 'butterflies in my stomach' :)

What are your plans for the future in reference to your career?

I would like to have a full-fledged studio to support my clients for every occasion they want to document as weather in Canada can restrict outdoor shoots at times. I am currently working on my studio.

How would you describe your photography style?

Lifestyle photography. Photography for me is capturing the emotion and the vibe as against just a smiling face.

What were some of the challenges that you came across as a photographer?

Not having a studio space for the winter months.

What is the most rewarding part about being a photographer?

Helping someone to create, document and preserve a memory for a lifetime.

Vikram Ahuja


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