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Based in Toronto, with a love for the diversity offered by Canada, and with experiences from big city to small town, we look forward to connecting with professional photographers and their clients nation-wide, as we build this inclusive Canadian community united by an appreciation for the art of photography.

Each AYSA professional photographer member brings a uniqueness to the experience they provide as well as to the resulting images. Whether personal or business, we aim to deliver options to meet your individual needs and expectations in a way that will ensure that you return to us for future bookings. 

We welcome the communication of any unfortunate disappointments and hope that you might share favourable experiences with loved ones, friends, and colleagues, to allow for our positive impact to grow. 

By choosing AYSA professional photographer members, your experience touches the lives of others in a charitable way via our Fundraising Program. Inspired by the impact of COVID-19, we work to enhance fundraising efforts and increase awareness for causes important to Canadians. 

By hiring AYSA professional photographer members, you also benefit from our Rebate Program.

Think local, when possible, and select your photographer by region.

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